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Tax Advice in Israel

Tax Advice in Israel

ייעוץ בענייני מס

Tax rates in Israel are high and in many cases make it very difficult for the economic behavior of both self-employed and employees with tax rates reaching tens of percent. Thus, many times the absurd situation is created where a person is afraid to make more profits for himself because such a profit would be detrimental to tax rates. In order to more easily and efficiently deal with tax authorities and try to alleviate the heavy taxation that makes it very difficult to run a proper home economy or business, more and more citizens in Israel are turning to tax advisors to help them learn how to remove some of the burden of heavy taxation. CPA Guy Dovrat has extensive experience in taxation and will be happy to provide you with tax consulting services based on comprehensive and in-depth knowledge. These are some of the services you can get under tax advice.

Tax refund assistance

There is an option to hire our services for your ongoing work as an employee or your business. We will give you advice on any decision you make during the course of conduct. We will look at all the details including personal details, marital status, past employment, we will go over the movements in your account and pay stubs and will do a comprehensive look-back years to look at the actions taken with the tax authorities to explore options for getting significant tax refunds you paid.

Assistance in adjusted tax computation

Sometimes, errors in tax computation occur by the tax authorities. This can occur due to human error, incorrect reports, or incorrect filing of the various forms. In order to reduce the tax rate significantly, CPA Guy Dovrat experienced in all areas of taxation will review the various forms filled out by you and conduct a thorough check in the annual reports to update the high taxation to the exact rate and tailored to your true financial position and save you thousands and even tens of thousands of shekels in a year.

Best tax planning

In addition to adjustments and reductions in past and present tax rates, a professional tax advisor will help you prepare for the future and prepare you for any scenario in terms of taxation costs. It may also, if necessary, take various legal actions for you, such as registering as a Ltd., for example, before conducting transactions with the aim of reducing tax rates. In addition, with ongoing tax consulting services, we will perform tax planning that will consider all taxes that may apply to various transactions and profits, such as international taxation or various purchasing taxes before taking actions, to plan them wisely and choose the most affordable options taking into account the taxation that will be charged.

Planning and Consulting of CPA Guy Dovrat will provide you with professional service

In order for your business to thrive and reduce any possible complications with the tax authorities, we invite you to cooperate with us and get professional and reliable service. Our office located in Yehud serves clients, self-employed and employees, and helps them save a lot of money. To start saving thousands of shekels from your annual net income, we are available to contact you today.

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