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Preparation of Tax Returns in Israel
Every self-employed person in Israel is required to submit a tax return to the tax
Declaration of Capital
Each business owner is required by the tax authorities to complete a declaration of capital.
Running a business in Israel is not easy, it is known to everyone. Business owners
Tax Advice in Israel
Tax rates in Israel are high and in many cases make it very difficult for
Pay Stubs Preparation
Every functioning business needs a neat system of registering and paying employee’s paychecks. paychecks are
Tax refunds for employees
More often than we would like to believe, from the salary of employees, excessive deductions
Preparation of audited financial statements
Israeli law usually requires every organization, whether a business or a nonprofit organization, to submit
Preparation of U.S. tax returns
Any U.S. citizen, or a person conducting a business or otherwise, whether resident or not,
Representation before the IRS
There are many American citizens living in Israel who are not even aware that they
Representation before tax authorities in Israel
Audits of the tax authorities in Israel at your business are routine. Sometimes they will

Guy Dovrat – Accountant in Israel and Enrolled Agent in USA

  • Certified Public Accountant in the directory of the Board of Certified Public Accountants in Israel
  • Member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel
  • Enrolled to practice before the IRS as of March 2019
  • Bachelor of Accounting (B.A.).
  • Payroll accountant
  • Bookkeeper


  • Over 10 years in audit services of small and medium businesses
  • Over 11 years in accounting and payroll preparation services
  • About 6 years with seniority as an accountant


  • Personal and warm attitude
  • Compliance with professional conduct rules in accordance with the rules of professional conduct in accordance with Regulation 60 of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel. Including – maintaining independence, honesty and fairness, the reliability of the documents, the best judgment, confidentiality and expertise.
  • Implementation of the Israeli Accounting Law, 1955.
  • Professional continuing education at the Institute of CPA in Israel every year for at least 24 hours.
  • Professional continuing education as an IRS Enrolled Agent in the United States as determined by Treasury Department Circular No.230 of the U.S. Federal Regulations, at least 72 hours every 3 years.
  • Maintaining customer information: financial and business, including through information security, current backups, antivirus software and safeguarding electronic communications as prescribed by the Income Tax Act in the Book Management Act.
  • Regular updating of clients regarding notices and legislative updates and regulations of the tax authorities.
  • Update customers in letters and messages delivered to customers.
  • Working with up-to-date professional software and with service bureaus.
  • Availability and quick response.
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