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שירותי המשרד

Preparation of Tax Returns in Israel
Every self-employed person in Israel is required to submit a tax return to the tax
Declaration of Capital
Each business owner is required by the tax authorities to complete a declaration of capital.
Running a business in Israel is not easy, it is known to everyone. Business owners
Tax Advice in Israel
Tax rates in Israel are high and in many cases make it very difficult for
Pay Stubs Preparation
Every functioning business needs a neat system of registering and paying employee’s paychecks. paychecks are
Tax refunds for employees
More often than we would like to believe, from the salary of employees, excessive deductions
Preparation of audited financial statements
Israeli law usually requires every organization, whether a business or a nonprofit organization, to submit
Preparation of U.S. tax returns
Any U.S. citizen, or a person conducting a business or otherwise, whether resident or not,
Representation before the IRS
There are many American citizens living in Israel who are not even aware that they
Representation before tax authorities in Israel
Audits of the tax authorities in Israel at your business are routine. Sometimes they will